The World Awaits: A Guide to Exploring the Globe

Macy meyer is a n.c. native who graduated from unc chapel hill in 2021 with a b.a. in english and…

Tales from the Traveler: Stories of the Journey

Sentence examples. this led harriet and me to delve into the mountains of newspapers that, mingled with christmas wrappings, were…

From Here to There: Tips and Tricks for Travelers

Top 50 best travel quotes. 1. “jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul.”. 2. “remember that happiness is a…

The Nomad Life: Discovering the World One Step at a Time

Why does so much of the ocean remain unexplored and unprotected? oceana.

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Adventures Await: Discovering New Destinations

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Off the Beaten Track: Finding Hidden Gems

2. drangsnes. just down the coast from hólmavík is a small, secluded area called drangsnes. like hólmavík, drangsnes has a…

Roaming the Earth: Seeking Adventure and Inspiration


Footprints in the Sand: A Traveler’s Memoir

0:05. 0:49. on a day about 313 million years ago, a four legged animal took a stroll up the slope…

Beyond Borders: Crossing Boundaries to Explore the World

Beyond borders 2021 pg 13 1 h 31 m imdb rating 5.7 10 123 your rating rate documentary adventure pilot…